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 Hai guise, afk for a while

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Hai guise, afk for a while Empty
PostSubject: Hai guise, afk for a while   Hai guise, afk for a while Icon_minipostedTue Oct 28, 2008 2:02 pm

Well well well... its that time of year again, when teenagers everywhere lock themselves up in their basements and emerges only for food and toilet-breaks. Yes... Its gaming season, that time of year where they release 6 AWESOEM FUCKING GAMES in under 2 weeks.

So, considering i have work and all these AWESOME FUCKING GAMES to finish, ill take a break for a while, but ill be back eventually. Miss u guys :3 Sry i didnt tell u earlier, i did tell baeges i think that i was about to take a break when my time run out but nvm.

Cya soon guys :3
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Hai guise, afk for a while
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